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Projects / Newsletters

Here are some of my personal writing accomplishments and newsletters over the years. Check them out and subscribe below.


Dirty Maps and Mirrors

Where it all started. My writing career began as a little travel and personal development blog I started when I was roaming aimlessly through Southeast Asia. Today, it continues its legacy as a Substack Newsletter.


Subscribe here for travel stories, life lessons, and fart jokes. 🗺

Tangy Language

If I'm not writing about digital marketing or travel, most of my time is spent in the kitchen. Cooking has become my love language to the world. I started this newsletter to make food and cooking more accessible to people who find cooking daunting.


Subscribe here for super down-to-earth recipes and real talk about food. 🍳

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100 Daily American English Conversational Phrases

매일 쓰는 미국 영어 회화 100

After a year of research and collecting data from native American English speakers, I published a book featuring 100 common English expressions for Korean learners to practice using. This book was promoted with a YouTube series and is still featured in the biggest bookstores in Korea.

Hit the link to purchase it today! 📚

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